If you’re someone who uses quite a bit of emojis when chatting with friends, then you’ll be interested to learn that WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger will be getting a new set of emojis that you can check out in the near future, although it seems that based on reports the emojis for either app will be different from each other.

According to Emojipedia, WhatsApp’s new emojis were discovered in the latest Android beta where it seems that for the most part, it has been inspired by the same emojis that Apple uses for its iOS platform. On the surface they might look similar but there are some subtle differences in their design.

As for Facebook Messenger, the app has always had its own set of emojis, but according to Android Police, it seems that Facebook has decided to revert the emojis back to the same emojis that the Facebook platform uses. According to a statement, “At this time, we’ve decided to end our support of the Messenger emoji set to focus our attention on other features that help people express themselves and make the Messenger experience fun and engaging.”

It is unclear why Facebook decided to shift things back, but basically if you liked the previous emojis then we guess that’s just too bad. In any case this is something users can look out for in future apps to either platform.

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