Video game movies have unfortunately over the years gotten a bad reputation, and so far despite Hollywood’s best attempts, such movie adaptations have never really been pulled off well, but it hasn’t stopped studios from trying. In fact publish Activision seems to be pretty optimistic about the idea of an Overwatch movie.


Speaking to MCV, Activision’s Head of Consumer Products Group Tim Kilpin was quoted as saying, “We would like that very much,” when asked about the idea of an Overwatch movie. However while the publisher does seem to like the idea, there’s no guarantee that it will ever be made a reality.

That being said, we wouldn’t be surprised if they did. Blizzard has been releasing animated shorts for Overwatch which have been extremely well-crafted and well-received, and the story behind the game is also a rather compelling one, so to explore the idea further with a movie doesn’t really seem like a stretch.

However whether or not it will break free from the “curse” of video game movies remains to be seen. Blizzard’s previous attempt with a Warcraft movie was something of a mixed success. While it did hit number one in several countries and even beat out Star Wars in China, the reviews weren’t particularly favorable, and it seemed to be enjoyed mostly by fans of the series.

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