While electric and self-driving cars are certainly the future that we are headed towards, let’s not forget that not all of us have the means, luxury, or the necessity to own a car in the first place. For example Singapore has recently announced that they will stop adding new cars to its roads starting next year.

This means that for some markets, public transportation or turning to bikes is probably the next best thing, and that’s a future that BMW has envisioned where they have created a concept called the Vision E³ Way where it imagines cities with dedicated lanes for electric two-wheelers, such as bikes.

These dedicated lanes are expected to exist above current roads, which means that additional traffic capacity can be created, and also it could potentially reduce accidents between cars and bikes. The lanes themselves will have safety features built into it, such as capping the speeds on it at 25kmph.

According to Dr. Markus Seidel, Director BMW Group Technology Office China, “The BMW Vision E³ Way opens up a whole new dimension of mobility in overcrowded conurbations – efficient, convenient and safe. It works by simply creating space for two-wheel zero-emissions traffic. In China, more than a billion people will be living in cities by 2050. The country will become the global incubator for numerous mobility innovations such as the BMW Vision E 3 Way.”

That being said it exists pretty much as a concept for now, so whether or not it will actually be made a reality remains to be seen.

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