You know how you’re able to reply to a message notification on Android in-line? Soon, you’ll be able to do this on Chrome OS-powered devices as well. Google has made a lot of changes recently to its cloud-based OS for Android apps. In order to better suit those apps, it’s now making a change to how notifications can be interacted with in Chrome OS. Users will soon be able to reply to message notifications on Chrome OS in-line.


Those who have been using Android apps on a Chrome OS-powered device would have noticed that the notifications for those apps on Chrome OS look exactly the same as they do on an Android-powered device.

Some functionality isn’t the same, though. In-line replies happen to be that functionality. While the notification appears in a similar manner, it’s not possible to reply to the message notification in-line as yet.

It’s possible to tap the reply button to try and enter a reply but it doesn’t work after that. Google is developing a fix for this and it’s going to be released soon, possibly in the next update to the developer version.

It may be a while though before this feature makes it to the public version of the operating system.

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