Last year you might recall a company called Ember that launched a smart coffee mug. This is a mug that allows users to control the temperature of the contents in the mug, meaning that you could technically keep your cup of coffee or tea hot all day (as long as the battery lasts). However the only drawback was its price and its size.

The good news is that if you relish the idea of being able to keep your drink warm/hot for extended periods of time without it degrading in temperature, you’ll be pleased to learn that Ember is back with a new device in the form of the Ember Ceramic Mug. As you can see in the photo above, the Ember Ceramic Mug looks like a normal mug, but it will offer the same features as the smart coffee mug from last year, except in a different form factor and a lower price.

The best part is that it looks like a regular mug which means that it can blend right into the surroundings and your other drinkwares. There is also a built-in LED at the bottom that users can change in order to make them identifiable if you have multiple Ember Ceramic Mugs at home or in the office.

The mug will connect via Bluetooth to an accompanying smartphone app where users get to control the temperature, and will also come with a saucer that acts as a charging base. It will be priced at $80 and will be available via Ember’s website or various Starbucks outlets across the US.

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