If you’re a fan of Pokemon, we’re sure that at some point you might have thought it would be awesome if Pokemons really existed, where we could walk around with a Pikachu of our own to be our friend and companion (we suppose pets accomplish the same thing), but not to worry as The Pokemon Company has something that comes relatively close.


The company has recently announced the release of an app called Pikachu Talk and it is available for both the Google Home and Amazon Alexa-powered devices. As the name suggests, this app allows both the Google Home and Echo speakers to talk like Pikachu, which we suppose doesn’t really make a lot of sense but it is rather cute.

Obviously this is something of a novelty app rather than a functional one, but it works, it’s just that instead of getting human voices speaking back to you to confirm your commands, you get Pikachu’s voice instead. If you think you can live with that then great! If not like we said, it makes for a pretty novelty feature.

In fact to prove just how cute and novel it is, Twitter user @shnskm posted a video of the Amazon Echo and the Google Home speaking to each other using the app.

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