When the Google Pixel 2 handsets were launched, there were reports that some users were experiencing weird clicking sounds when using the phone. Unfortunately it looks like Apple seems to have been affected with a similar issue, with some iPhone X owners reporting that they are hearing “cracking” or “buzzing” sounds from the handset’s earpiece speaker.

These reports can be found on the MacRumors forums, Twitter, and Reddit, where user dback83 writes, “Now with the iPhone X, even at low-50% volume the audio sounds pretty bad. Turn it up to 80-100% and it’s nearly unlistenable. Tinny and crackling audio for any content, especially speakerphone calls. The volume gets LOUD but there is no DEPTH to the sound coming out of the phone and the distortion is crazy.”

For those unfamiliar, to achieve a stereo speaker effect on their iPhones, Apple has turned the earpiece into a speaker as well, which when combined with the speaker at the bottom of the phone will result in a stereo-like effect. Thankfully it appears that Apple is aware of the issue and they claim that a software fix is being worked on that should address the issue.

In a statement provided to The Verge, an Apple spokesperson said, “We are aware of the issue which is affecting customers in a small number of cases. Our team is at work on a fix, which will be included in an upcoming software release.” In the meantime it seems that Apple has been replacing affected iPhone X handsets for free.

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