A couple of months ago, T-Mobile announced that they would be giving their subscribers a free subscription to Netflix, which we can imagine will no doubt tempt customers to join the carrier’s network. However it seems that Sprint could have a counter-offer in mind in the form of free Hulu access to its unlimited customers.

Note that Sprint has not officially announced anything, but rather this is speculation from analysts over at Wave7, who claim that Sprint’s Hulu offer could be the carrier’s answer to T-Mobile’s Netflix promotion. The report claims that Sprint has informed their dealers that this offer will be “coming soon”, although when exactly remains to be seen.

“Sprint is planning to include TV shows from Hulu with its unlimited plans. Dealers have been told that this is ‘coming soon.’ There will be one subscription per account and it will be described as a $7.99 value.” In addition to T-Mobile offering a Netflix subscription, AT&T had also announced that they would be giving their customers free HBO access.

This means that if and when Sprint does launch this Hulu offer, it will leave Verizon as the only major carrier in the US not to offer free video with its plans, although we expect that they will probably answer in kind soon enough.

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