Apple’s iPhones might not necessarily be ranked first place when it comes to its camera (that honor goes to the Google’s Pixel 2), but for the most part Apple’s iPhones have been pretty consistent in capturing high-quality photos and videos. In the past we’ve seen how the iPhone 7 Plus was used to shoot the cover of Conde Nast’s magazines.

So much so that it didn’t really come as a surprise to learn that in a report from Deadline (via Cult of Mac), director Steven Soderbergh’s upcoming film “Unsane” was apparently shot entirely using an iPhone. Details about the filming are scarce and it was not mentioned which iPhone was used, but given that the iPhone 8 and iPhone X were only just released, it’s safe to assume that Soderbergh used either the iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus.

Note that this is actually not the first time that an iPhone was used to shoot a movie. In fact over the years we’ve seen how our cameras have improved and evolved to the point where they can be used to capture high quality video footage that was once only achievable through dedicated video filming equipment (to a certain extent that is still true, but that’s only if you’re going for a certain quality/resolution).

Recently we’ve seen how the iPhone X’s 4K video capture capabilities have been compared to an actual camera, and how the Portrait Lighting feature compares to actual studio lighting, both of which definitely shows how far along smartphone photography has come.

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