When it comes to shopping, we can choose to shop at a store in person or shop online. Clearly there are benefits to both, such as being able to see a product for yourself in person, and being able to take it home with you on the spot. Shopping online however offers a more convenient option if you do not have time, or can’t be bothered to go out.

Now it looks like Target will be merging the two shopping experiences together, sort of. The company has recently announced a new initiative that will help make the experience shopping at Target better for customers, and this is done by Target actually helping customers to place an order online should the store in question run out of stock of the particular item.

Prior to this, if a shop was out of stock you could either opt to go to a different Target (or retailer for that matter), or place an order online, although the latter option usually meant that you have to do it yourself. However according to Target, “Team members can use myCheckout to search Target.com for desired products, then take guests’ payment on the spot with a credit card reader that’s attached to the handheld device. Guests walk away knowing their items are en-route to their doorstep—with free shipping, by the way!”

Target had already begun testing out the feature earlier this Spring and have since conducted more than 10,000 transactions to date. While not exactly groundbreaking, it does help make the lives of customers easier, especially those who might not know how to shop online or find the item that they are looking for.

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