If long exposure photography and/or photos that aren’t blurry are your thing, then chances are you might have already invested in a tripod. However for the casual photographer, bringing a huge tripod with them on the go isn’t exactly ideal, and while there are small pocketable tripods, their size also means that they have short legs which can be a bit limiting.


However it seem that on Kickstarter, a crowdfunding campaign is ongoing for a tripod called Vixari. Its creators are claiming that Vixari is the most portable camera tripod ever for smartphones, DSLRs, and GoPros, and based on what we can see it certainly looks that way. When folded up, Vixari is nothing more than a rectangular box that you can easily slip inside your bag or even jacket pocket if it is big enough.

When you want to use it, simply unfold its legs which can be extended up to 41-inches, and this is where it gets interesting. It has a base for users to place their camera and this base can accommodate a variety of devices, such as a smartphone without the need for any kind of mounting system. However for DSLRs or GoPros, there will be a mounting system that will hold your camera securely, and the mounting head can also be tilted for you to get different angles.

There is even a detachable Bluetooth remote that you can use to control your camera’s shutter from a distance. It is a clever idea, although we can’t speak to its sturdiness or build quality, but it seems to be a hit on Kickstarter as it has managed to raise £103,796, which is five times its original goal of £20,000.

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