Several years ago Blink launched its security camera on Kickstarter and the company has found a fair bit of success ever since, and actually launched a couple of new products earlier this year at CES. Now it seems that Blink has managed to catch the eye of Amazon because in an announcement by Amazon, they have acquired Blink.


For those who are unfamiliar with Blink, they are a startup that has so far launched several connected devices, such as home security cameras and also a doorbell. While smart doorbells aren’t exactly new, what makes Blink’s products different is that the doorbell is powered by just two AA batteries.

This is expected to last users as long as two years, and for $99 it is also cheaper than some of the competitors out there. The company’s products also seem to fit in nicely with the future that Amazon has planned for itself, such as Amazon Key which relies on connected devices like smart cameras and door locks to allow delivery people to enter your home (temporarily) to drop off packages when you’re out.

For now Blink is expected to continue operating as is, meaning that Blink customers don’t need to worry about support for their products to suddenly stop. Whether or not this will continue into the future remains to be seen.

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