blinkWhile Blink proved herself to be one of the more unique looking characters in the latest X-Men movie, she did not play too much of a role in it other than looking cool while opening and closing portals with her elf-like ears in tow. Having said that, the Blink that we are talking about here is of a different kind – it is a Kickstarter project that happens to be a wireless connected security camera without costing too much, bringing a smile to new homeowners who are just starting out in their careers.


While Blink remains as a prototype at this point in time, it is hoped that its Kickstarter adventure will allow it to raise the necessary amount of funds to see it enter production soon, before shipping in May next year. Right now, it seems to have managed slightly more than half of its $200,000 target with more than a month left to go, so god speed.

Blink introduces the wireless factor to the camera component, all the while delivering a promise of more than a year’s worth of battery life on “standard use”, which has been defined as 4,000 five-second events each year, or the rough equivalent of 20,000 seconds of video recording in all.

There will be a secondary Sync Module device that is not required to remain plugged in so that the system can work, which is why the entire shebang is wireless. The camera itself features a Wi-Fi component, and right now no local storage option is available other than having all recordings uploaded to Blink’s cloud for future viewing.

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