If you think about it, headphones are basically speakers that you put in your ears, and for the most part that’s what they’ve been all this while, with different models offering different sound quality. However these days headphones are starting to evolve to do more than just playback audio, and some headphone makers such as Bragi are starting to put AI inside of them.

In fact it seems that Bragi’s enhanced headphone efforts don’t just stop there, because according to the company’s partner Audio Analytic (via Engadget), Bragi is expected to unveil a pair of contextually aware headphones at CES 2018, where these headphones can recognize sounds around them and react accordingly.

So what does this mean? For starters it can recognize when someone is speaking, which means that the headphones can then automatically adjust the volume so that the wearer can listen to what’s being said to them without having to remove their headphones. They also cite examples of how the headphones can pick up and recognize sounds, like those of an emergency vehicle, or cars, and can notify the wearer to them, which can come in handy if you love running outdoors.

Bragi is expected to demonstrate this new feature with the Dash Pro which was announced earlier this year. Whether or not the feature will be rolled out to the headphones or launched on a pair of newer headphones remains to be seen.

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