If you’re a photographer who owns or has dabbled with interchangeable lens cameras like DSLRs or mirrorless cameras, then you know how annoying it is whenever you misplace a lens cap. This means having to spend more money, and in the meantime it could also mean that your lens glass could get scratched.


However the folks at KUVRD have launched a Kickstarter project for an accessory they’re calling the Universal Lens Cap (ULC for short). This is a lens cap that has been designed to fit pretty much every/any lens out there, regardless of shape or size. This is versus current lens caps which you’ll have to buy different caps for different lenses.

Apart from being able to fit just about any lens out there, it has also been designed to stay securely fastened to your camera lens. If you’ve seen existing camera lenses, then you know how flimsy they can be, and how sometimes accidentally knocking against it could shake it loose.

This is where we also want to point out how the ULC has also been designed to protect your lens, not just from having the glass scratched, but also by protecting it against the elements as it is both water and dirt proof, and it is also shock absorbent. The ULC is priced at $30 for a single unit, or $45 for two, $60 for three, and so on.

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