If Apple was hoping for the slowed down iPhone controversy to blow over, it seems that the company could be in for a long fight ahead of them. Not only are they facing probes in the US by various US lawmakers, but a report from Reuters has revealed that China’s consumer group are now seeking answers from the Cupertino company as well.

In a letter sent by the Shanghai Consumer Council to Apple, they are requesting an explanation for the iPhone slow-down and information on what Apple plans to do to address it. Apple had previously offered a public explanation in which they stated that this was done to provide a better experience for iPhone users who might otherwise be facing random reboots or shutdowns if performance levels weren’t matched to the degrading batteries.

The company later apologized for the way it was handled and have since offered customers a battery replacements at a discounted price of $29. They also stated their intentions to include features in iOS that would help keep iPhone owners better informed about the battery health on their devices.

We’re not sure what China’s consumer group is hoping to get out of this inquiry, but they have requested that Apple respond by Friday. In the meantime Apple is now facing over 40 lawsuits, some of which have been filed outside of the US as well.

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