[CES 2018] These days our toothbrushes are no longer just bristles placed onto a plastic handle, and have become hi-tech devices that can tell where we’re brushing our teeth, for how long, and spots that we might have missed. If you’re looking to upgrade your toothbrush game, Colgate has you covered.

Announced at CES this week, the company has unveiled its Smart Electronic Toothbrush E1 which features integration with Apple’s ResearchKit. For those unfamiliar, ResearchKit is a framework developed by Apple that allows developers and researchers to create apps that they can then use for medical research.

By integrating ResearchKit into the E1 toothbrush, Colgate is essentially trying to crowdsource data on toothbrushing, which in turn helps them “get even smarter” about oral care and for “fast future innovation”. Other than that, the E1 will come with features that you would find on other smart toothbrushes, such as real-time feedback on your brushing habits via an accompanying smartphone app.

Interestingly enough Colgate’s AI technology in the toothbrush was developed in partnership with Kolibree, who recently launched an AR-based toothbrush of their own. For those who would like to get their hands on the E1, it is available exclusively via Apple’s online and retail stores where it is priced at $99.95.

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