[CES 2018] We are living in the age of technology where even the simplest of objects are starting to get smarter. You guys might recall a company named Kolibree who has in the past been transforming the humble toothbrush into a hi-tech gadget, and this year is no different as Kolibree has since unveiled the Magik toothbrush.


What makes Magik different is that for starters the device is aimed at kids and if you have a child who you’re having a tough time trying to convince them to brush their teeth, not to worry because that’s what Magik is here to solve. It will use augmented reality (AR) tech to help gamify the teeth brushing experience, which in turn will hopefully encourage kids to maintain healthy oral hygiene.

As you can see in the video above, there will be an accompanying app that will take kids to different exotic locations, and like we said, it will gamify the entire process where kids have to hit the right spots while they brush their teeth in order to be rewarded with things like Magik Masks and stickers.

Parents will also be able to monitor the progress of their child’s teeth cleaning to ensure that they are doing it right. Unfortunately for now there is no word on how much or when the Magik toothbrush will be made available.

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