[CES 2018] Drones are aplenty but for the most part, a lot of them, especially the bigger and more complex ones, are pretty expensive which means that for the average consumer who just wants a drone to play with, it can be a pretty expensive hobby. However DJI and Ryze might have something that’s a little more affordable.

Announced at CES, DJI and Ryze have announced a $99 drone called the Tello. For those unfamiliar, Ryze is a Chinese drone maker and if you haven’t heard of them before, we don’t blame you. It is also why they have partnered up with DJI who will actually be helping them sell the Tello drone via DJI’s storefront, which does help with the distribution when you consider DJI’s brand and reputation.

The Tello is not the biggest drone in the market, but if you’re after something that’s light, the Tello fits the bill at 80grams. It measures 98mm x 92.5mm x 41mm and will feature 3-inch propellers, and will also come with functions like a range finder, barometer, LED, vision system, WiFi, and more.

It has a max flight distance of 100m, a max speed of 8m/s, and a max flight time of 13 minutes. There is no word on when it will be released but you can sign up for more information via DJI’s website.

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