[CES 2018] When it comes to protecting ourselves when we are out and about, there are different solutions available. There are whistles designed to help bring attention to yourself, and there are also sprays meant to disarm the attacker, or one could even resort to tasers or stun guns if they absolutely had to.


However at CES, Dutch startup Invi has announced a new form of protection called the Invi Bracelet. This is a bracelet designed to be worn around the wrist and is also designed to be a non-violent form of self-defense. If you’d rather not resort to things that might hurt, like mace or a taser, then the Invi Bracelet is for you because it wards off attackers through smell.

How it works is that in the event you are being attacked, you just break the bracelet in which it will then release a smell that is so disgusting that in theory it should distract and sexually demotivate the attacker. The smell, which we have no idea what it smells like, was created by several different research organizations.

Whether or not this will be an effective form of protection remains to be seen, but if you are interested in checking it out, the Invi Bracelet is currently available for order where it is priced at €59.95 and will be available in several different sizes.

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