The Kodi media streaming software was previously known as the XBMC or the Xbox Media Center. However, it didn’t support the Xbox One when the console came out a few years ago. That changes now. Kodi for Xbox One has arrived now, however, it’s in the early stages of development. Kodi has released an alpha version of its media player for the Xbox One.


Kodi for Xbox One looks the same as it does on Windows 10 and on other platforms. That’s just how the Kodi environment is. Those who use it on another platform will already be familiar with the interface. However, there are some missing features and bugs in this rough version of the app.

The team itself mentions that the app is in “early stages of development and has very rough edges.” It’s not going to be as stable as the regular version and has missing features. For example, users can’t access their Blu-ray drive or external drive using the app just yet.

It also adds that some parts haven’t even finished yet and the developers are working on getting the app up to the regular standard that Kodi users expect. Kodi for Xbox One can access video and music files in a limited manner with network support being limited to NFS:// shares.

Those who are interested in trying out the alpha version of Kodi for the Xbox One can head over to the Xbox One store and download it right away.

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