[CES 2018] Noise-cancelling headphones are great when you’re traveling or if you just want to drown the outside world. However for the most part it is usually on or it is off, but if you wanted varying levels of control over how much noise-cancellation is being done, Libratone has you covered in the form of the Libratone Track+ wireless in-ear headphones.

These aren’t wireless earbuds like the AirPods, but rather they are more akin to headphones like the BeatsX, where they are wireless but still have a cable that connects the earbuds together. This setup can sometimes be preferred as it does provide a more secure feeling compared to truly wireless earbuds.

Moving on, one of the features of the Track+ is the ability to control the levels of noise-cancellation. There are four levels to choose from, thus allowing users to choose exactly how much noise they want to let in, whether it be train announcements, traffic, and so on. Noise-cancellation can also be disabled completely where the microphones from the earbuds can be used to let noise in so that you can have a conversation while keeping the earbuds in your ears.

In terms of pricing, the Libratone’s Track+ will be priced at $230 and will be available in black and white later this summer. There will also be a cheaper version without the noise-cancellation features that will be available for around $160.

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