While Nerf guns are clearly aimed at youngsters, it’s safe to say that the series of toys also has its fans amongst adults who are more interested in the possibilities that come with modding the toys. We’ve seen quite a few insane mods, but we reckon that modder Captain Xavier’s mod takes the cake.


Basically what he has done is that he’s taken the Nerf Rival gun and modified it in such a way that it is now capable of firing a whopping 20 rounds per second, which in turn is fed through a backpack that can hold 2,000 shots. In the video above in which Captain Xavier goes through how he put the whole thing together, you can also see how insanely fast this Nerf gun shoots (as far as toys are concerned).

While the ammo used are of the Nerf variety, no doubt at the speeds they are traveling and the sheer volume of rounds being fired, it will definitely sting quite a bit if you are hit. For fans of modding Nerf guns, the video doesn’t actually tell you how to build your own, but he does list certain components and features about his mod that should give you an idea of where to start. For those who just want to see the gun being fired, head on over to the 18 min mark.

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