With Disney launching their video streaming service next year, it also means that it will bring an end to Netflix licensing certain TV shows and movies from the company, which also means that Netflix’s catalogue is about to get smaller. Not to mention there is potential upcoming competition from Apple who seem to be on a shopping spree for shows.


This means that Netflix will need to work on more originals if they’re hoping to maintain their competitive edge, and a report from Variety has revealed that they could be looking to sign on Luc Besson for a multi-picture deal. For those unfamiliar, Besson is a French filmmaker who is probably known for shows like Léon: The Professional, The Fifth Element, The Transporter, Taken, and Lucy, just to name a few.

The deal would also include Netflix possibly buying into Besson’s EuropaCorp company, giving Netflix access to the company’s catalogue of shows, some of which we have mentioned above. Assuming all goes well, the deal between Netflix and Besson will see the filmmaker create “Netflix original” movies over the next few years, where he will be given a budget of around $30 million to work with.

It remains to be seen if this deal will go through, but like we said with Disney’s streaming service looming in the horizon and with Apple and their vast resources, Netflix definitely needs to do something about it and this looks like one way they could approach the issue.

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