Google’s Project Fi has been a great alternative for those who don’t need a lot of mobile data and want to save money on their phone bill. Google is retaining that quality of Project Fi but it’s now trying to offer the best of both worlds with a new feature called Bill Protection. This feature essentially offers unlimited data to Project Fi subscribers.


Google charges Project Fi customers $10 per GB of data as part of its “pay for what you use” pricing to give users control of their phone plan and how much they pay for it. With Bill Protection, it’s combining this pricing plan with the flexibility of an unlimited plan.

The Bill Protection feature caps the data bill at $60 if a subscriber uses more than 6GB of data in a billing cycle. That’s the most that customers will pay over and above their base bill for calls and texts while being able to continue using high-speed data.

However, once they have consumed more than 15GB of data in that billing cycle, subscribers will be throttled to “slower” speeds and they can continue to use mobile data without any overages. However, if they want high-speed data, they can choose to pay for each individual gigabyte over and above the 15GB limit by paying $10 per GB.

This means that Project Fi users don’t have to pay for unlimited data in the months when they don’t actually need it. If they use 1.4GB of data at the end of the month, they’ll just pay $14 instead of having to pay the full $60. Bill Protection applies to international use as well as data-only SIM cards. It’s rolling out today to individual subscribers and will appear for them on their next billing cycle.

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