[CES 2018] LINKFLOW is a company that was spun out of Samsung’s Creative Lab internal accelerating program. The initiative gives Samsung employees time to work on their own projects and if they have the potential to succeed as separate companies, they’re spun off from the C-Lab division into companies backed by Samsung. LINKFLOW is one of them and its invention is what the company calls the world’s first and only wearable 360 degree camera.


The FITT360 is designed to be worn around the neck all day. It has a light and portable design so it won’t inconvenience its users. The neckband has been designed to fit everybody while being unobtrusive. It’s also rain, snow, heat, and shockproof to endure users with the most active of lifestyles.

The FITT360 features patented image stabilization, live stitching, and streaming functionality. There’s even a built-in GPS that helps users store their personal 360 vlogs with the companion app. It touts 3 full HD cameras that provide horizontally 4K resolution images in 360 degrees. A full battery will provide 90 minutes of running time.

The FITT360 is going to be sold through a Kickstarter campaign which launches on Sunday, January 8th. Kickstarter backers will be able to pre-order the device at a 50 percent discounted super early bird price of $349.

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