Samsung today announced that it has started mass producing the industry’s first 16-gigabit Graphics Double Data Rate 6 (GDDR6) RAM which will be used for next-generation graphics cards as well as automotive, network, and artificial intelligence systems. It was only a matter of time before Samsung announced this as the company confirmed when it unveiled the 8-gigabit DDR4 RAM chips last month that its 16-gigabit GDDR6 chips will be launched soon.


The chips are built on Samsung’s advanced 10-nanometer process and come in a 16Gb density which is double that of Samsung’s 20-nm 8Gb GDDR5 RAM. The new chip performs at 18-gigabits-per-second pin speed with data transfers of 72GBps, that’s a two-fold increase over its predecessor.

The GDDR6 RAM is also power efficient courtesy of its low-power circuit design. It operates at 1.35V which lowers energy consumption approximately 35 percent over its predecessor. Samsung also touts a 30 percent manufacturing productivity gain compared to the 20-nm 8Gb GDDR5 chip.

Samsung says that its immediate production of GDDR6 will play a “critical role” in early launches of next-generation graphics cards and systems. The chip will be used widely in rapidly growing fields such as 8K Ultra HD processing, virtual and augmented reality as well as artificial intelligence applications.

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