[CES 2018] Do you have problem falling asleep at night? There are several different ways that one can go about treating insomnia, such as through herbal remedies, clinical remedies, music, brown noise machines, and so on. However at CES, a Dutch company has taken the wraps off a huggable robot called Somnox that is supposed to help you sleep.


According to the company, it seems that one of the ways they’ve discovered to falling asleep naturally is through breathing, sound, and also affection, all of which they are hoping to accomplish with the Somnox robot. We suppose on the affection front, the fact that the Somnox has been shaped like a pillow/bolster that is huggable does help.

The robot is also able to “breathe”, which in turn is meant to help users adjust their own breathing rhythm to match it, and also help increase relaxation at the same time. The Somnox is also capable of playing soothing audio sounds, such as heartbeats, lullabies, guided meditation, or if you wanted you could even upload your own sounds to suit you.

If this sounds interesting, you’ll be interested to learn that the Somnox is currently available for pre-order on Indiegogo after successfully completing a Kickstarter campaign. It is priced at €499 which is 15% off its regular price of €589.

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