WhatsApp is the most popular cross-platform messaging service on the planet. Countless users rely on it to stay in touch with their friends and family daily and they will now be able to use it with Apple CarPlay. It was possible to access WhatsApp when connected to CarPlay using Siri integration but the messaging app has now received proper support for Apple’s in-car platform.

According to a new report, the latest update for WhatsApp brings support for Apple’s CarPlay in-car connectivity system. This means that users can now get push notifications from WhatsApp when they’re connected to CarPlay.

Those who have updated the app to version 2.18.2 on their iPhone will now see a WhatsApp icon on the CarPlay dash interface. This wasn’t possible before when WhatsApp could only be accessed in CarPlay through Siri.

Siri will now notify users connected to CarPlay when they receive new WhatsApp messages and will even offer to read them out loud one by one. Users will also be able to send messages using WhatsApp by telling Siri who they want to send the message to and then dictate the message.

Siri will read back the dictated message to confirm everything is as it should be before the user is presented the option to either edit the message or send it.

Apple’s own iMessage app has long supported CarPlay. The major difference between the two is that the former lets users scroll through a list of message threads while WhatsApp doesn’t allow that on CarPlay.

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