While Full HD 1080 displays are more or less the standard and the norm these days when it comes to laptops, we’re starting to see laptop makers push displays to even higher resolutions, offering 2K or even 4K options. However for the most part, Chromebooks have typically missed out on this, but that could change soon.

According to reports, it seems that Google could be working on 4K Chromebooks. This is based on a recent commit in which it mentions that 4K Chromebooks could be coming soon. The commit talks about the boot logo being a bit “off”, and that they are looking to fix this to make it look better on the upcoming “secret” 4K Chromebooks.

“As an added bonus, this logo is not only much rounder but also higher resolution, making sure it will continue to look crisp and pretty on our secret upcoming 4K Chromebooks.” We’re not sure why they would call it a “secret” if they knew that people would read it, but perhaps it’s one of those open secrets that is meant to be a tease.

However whether or not 4K displays on Chromebooks are necessary remains to be seen, but as it stands the highest Google is offering at the moment is in the Pixelbook which packs a 2400×1600.

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