For some reason, Apple has never bothered to disclose exactly how many units of the Apple Watch have been shipped or sold to date. They’ve only vaguely described how well sales are without actually providing any actual figures, which is usually left to third-party analytical firms to try and figure that out.


That being said, Apple has never really stopped boasting at how well their wearables are doing. According to Apple’s CEO Tim Cook, apparently the company’s wearables business is approaching the size of a Fortune 300 company, which means that the amount of revenue generated by sales of the Apple Watch could amount to a company that’s close to the top 300 companies in the US.

Once again Cook did not share any specific figures, such as how much they’ve actually made (the Apple Watch is lumped together with other products in Apple’s financials), but based on this claim we can only assume it is a lot. Recent figures from analytical firms like Canalys and IDC have revealed that the Apple Watch actually outsold the Swiss watch industry in the previous quarter.

It also showed how Apple Watch shipments have surged by as much as 54% from the previous year, all of which are basically signs that the smartwatch is doing well. No word on what Apple has planned for future Apple Watches, but we have heard rumors that non-invasive glucose monitoring is a potential feature.

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