Google has long enabled users to book flights and hotels but the ability to do both existed separately. The search giant has decided to bring this functionality under one banner which is why it’s now possible for users to book hotels and flights through Google Search results. This change is going to make it easier for users to plan their trips on mobile devices.


If you’re searching for things to do in Sydney, Google Search will now display tabs on the top for Hotels and Flights. If you’re searching for a flight in Google Flights, a Hotels tab will now be present at the top of the page and vice verse when you start by searching for a hotel. These tabs can then be used to check prices and fare options before booking.

Google has also added a More Destinations tab in the top left which drops users into a new experience through which they can explore other destinations, trips, and weekend getaways that they might be interested in.

A feature called Your Trips has been added as well which lets users see all of their upcoming and past travel reservations from Gmail at a glance, this information is private and only that particular user can see them.

The new features will go live for users in the coming days. Users can expect more improvements down the line as the company is focused on making the mobile phone an integral part of travel planning this year.

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