There are some critics of Apple that claim the company no longer innovates like it used to back in the day, where they launched products that helped spawn trends, such as the iPod, the iPhone, the iPad, and the MacBook Air. Instead some critics are claiming that Apple is playing it too safe.

However not everyone feels that way, because according to Fast Company, they have published a list of 2018’s Most Innovative Companies and have ranked Apple as number one. The publication’s justification for putting Apple in the top spot is thanks to several new services and products that they launched in the past couple of years.

This includes the AirPods, which while might have been met with some skepticism at the start, quickly proved to be a hit amongst consumers and at a point in time, were pretty hard to get. They also cited ARKit as one of the reasons, and also 2017’s iPhone X, although the latter seems to be struggling, at least according to some reports which suggest that sales might not be what Apple had hoped.

The report also goes on to claim that other areas of innovation include Apple’s own chipsets, which they say help set them apart from most of the competition who typically turn to off-the-shelf chipsets. That being said, do you agree with Fast Company’s ranking of Apple as being the world’s most innovative company for 2018?

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