While electric cars are the solution to one of our problems, which is the diminishing of fossil fuels, it in turns creates other problems, namely the long wait when it comes to charging up. This is versus refueling your car with gas in which the process will take you a minute or two, whereas recharging an electric car will take much longer.

Now some of you guys might recall that back in 2017, a Dutch startup launched a concept electric car idea called the Lightyear One. This is an electric car that is covered with solar panels, which means that in theory it should be able to charge itself as it drives, thus essentially removing the need to stop and charge. The good news is that it looks like it will soon become a reality as there are plans to make it a vailable in 2019

However it will be in extremely limited quantities as the company only plans on building a limited number of models in 2019, but another hundred are expected to be released in 2020. Granted this is nowhere along the scale of what carmakers like Toyota, Ford, or Honda are capable of, but we reckon it’s a good start.

For those who are looking to be an early adopter, it will come with a price as the Lightyear One is expected to initially cost $145,000. Assuming the production model is able to do what the company had promised at launch, we’re looking at a range of about 500 miles on battery power alone, although apparently “in sunny conditions it can drive for months without charging.”

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