As you might have heard, the FCC’s repeal of the net neutrality rules in the US will be coming into effect starting 23rd April. For those who feel that all hope is lost, that is not necessarily true because Sen. Ed Markey has announced that he has introduced his Congressional Review Act “resolution of disapproval” that could potentially undo the FCC’s vote.

According to Markey, “The grassroots movement to reinstate net neutrality is growing by the day, and we will get that one more vote needed to pass my CRA resolution. I urge my Republican colleagues to join the overwhelming majority of Americans who support a free and open Internet. The Internet is for all—the students, teachers, innovators, hard-working families, small businesses, and activists, not just Verizon, Charter, AT&T, and Comcast and corporate interests.”

As to why is this only being introduced now and not earlier, it was because they had to wait for the FCC’s repeal order to be published in the Federal Register before they could move forward. So far 50 out of 100 senators have publicly supported the resolution, but unfortunately this means that it is one vote shy of being passed through the Senate.

However even then should it make its way through, there is a chance that President Trump could veto the resolution. That being said regardless of the outcome, several states have announced plans to introduce their own net neutrality rules which companies need to adhere to if they want to operate in the state.

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