The Venom character from the Marvel comics, also known as one of Spider-Man’s iconic villains and sometimes anti-hero, has appeared on the big screen before, but never in his own movie. As some of you guys might have heard, Sony will be releasing a Venom movie later this year starring Tom Hardy in the titular role, and it looks like the trailer for the film has finally been released.

Unfortunately the trailer doesn’t really tell us a lot and just shows us various scenes of cars exploding and a lot of chaos, but we never actually see Hardy morph into Venom, and we only get a glimpse of the symbiote, so as to how Hardy looks like as Venom is really anyone’s guess at this point in time. Presumably there will be a lot of CG used.

The trailer also doesn’t tell us about the film’s story, so once again save for the fact that it will be about Venom, we don’t know exactly what it will be about, but then again the trailer has been marked as a teaser. There have been rumors suggesting that Venom in Sony’s movie could be an anti-hero and that the real villain could be Carnage.

There have also been talks that Tom Holland’s Spider-Man could be making an appearance in the form of a cameo (given that Sony still holds the rights to Spider-Man, it doesn’t really come as a surprise). In any case the movie is currently slated for a release on the 5th of October, 2018, and hopefully we’ll be able to get a more complete trailer by then.

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