Earlier this year Sony made a rather surprising announcement when they revealed that come 2018, they would be launching a “Venom” movie. For those unfamiliar, Venom is one of the antagonists (sometimes protagonist) in the Spider-Man franchise, and at the time of announcement, not many details were known about the film.

However in recent times, we did find out that Tom Hardy would be starring in the movie as the titular character, and now in a report from The Hollywood Reporter, more details have surfaced, such as a potential villain for the movie. Assuming their sources are accurate (which they have been so far), the Venom movie could feature another Spider-Man villain “Carnage” as its main villain.

For those unfamiliar, Carnage, just like Venom, is another symbiote who has typically been attached to serial killer Cletus Kassidy. Unlike Venom’s stories and comics, stories involving Carnage are typically much darker and slightly more disturbing, which is why it isn’t surprising that Carnage has never really been featured in movies before, or at least until now.

In addition to this little tidbit, The Hollywood Report also claims that Tom Holland, who plays Spider-Man, could be introduced in the Venom movie and other spin-offs in a cameo role, despite Holland only contractually obligated to appear in Spider-Man 2. Needless to say you should take this with a grain of salt for now, but if true, it sounds like the Venom movie is shaping up to be rather exciting.

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