YouTube had said earlier this month that it could hand out harsher punishments to rogue creators and it has now detailed what these punishments might be. The company has come under intense pressure to ensure that creators don’t post blatantly harmful videos after that whole Logan Paul fiasco. Despite his return to YouTube earlier this month, Paul’s “recent pattern of behavior” forced YouTube to suspend all ads on his channel. The company previously suspended him its Preferred Ad program. YouTube has now revealed that the punishments won’t stop there for rogue creators.

The updated community guidelines are meant to ensure that creators don’t upload blatantly harmful videos that depict heinous pranks traumatizing people, promote hate or violence toward a group, sensationalizes the pain of others, etc.

YouTube already has a system of strikes to enforce those guidelines and repeat offenders risk termination of their channels. It has now come up with a broader set of tools to be used in instances where quick action is required.

It may remove a channel from the preferred ad programs and even suspend, cancel or remove a creator’s YouTube Original. It may completely suspend a channel’s ability to serve ads and earn revenue as well as revoke creator support and access to its YouTube Spaces.

The company may also remove a channel’s eligibility to be recommended on YouTube which means the channel’s videos, harmful or otherwise, may not appear on the home page, trending tab or watch next.

YouTube expects that it would have to use these new punishments “only in a rare handful of egregious cases,” but hopes that it will prevent the actions of a few from bringing a bad name to the broader community of creators.

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