As demand for all-electric cars continues to grow, many car manufacturers are now rushing to get their models out in the market to get a piece of the piece. However, not all manufacturers are in a hurry. German auto giant BMW has said that its electric cars won’t be mass produced until 2020. The company has a solid reason for its decision to not rush into the production of all-electric cars.


BMW has said that it won’t mass produce its electric cars until 2020 because the technology that it has currently isn’t profitable enough to scale up for mass production. This has been revealed by the company’s chief executive.

It’s not like BMW hasn’t been working on this next-generation technology which will define the future of mobility. It emerged on the scene back in 2013 when it launched the i3 BMW has since been advancing its battery, electric motor, and software technologies to produce more a efficient and scalable platform for electric cars.

Its upcoming i8 Roadster has its fourth-generation electric drive technology which according to the company touts a 40 percent range increase over the previous version.

“We wanted to wait for the fifth generation to be much more cost competitive,” said BMW CEO Harald Krueger, adding that the company does not want to scale up with the fourth-generation. BMW is now working on the sixth-generation of its technology has is investing a three-digit-million euro amount particularly in battery cell research for the purposes of mass production.

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