We’re sure that there are some users with concerns about devices like the Amazon Echo, Google Home, and Apple HomePod, devices that are sitting there “listening” and waiting for users to give the command. These companies have stressed in the past that they are not eavesdropping on users, but despite that there are probably some a little worried nonetheless.

Unfortunately for Facebook, now might not be the best time to launch their own set of smart speakers. In a report from Bloomberg, it seems that the social networking giant has apparently delayed the launch of their speakers which was originally set for an unveiling in May at the company’s F8 event.

We have been hearing rumors that Facebook is working on smart speaker devices that will be similar to what’s being offered in the market, although given the recent privacy scandal that Facebook has found themselves embroiled in, like we said, it is probably not the best time to be launching speakers that have “always listening” features.

We’re not sure when Facebook might choose to launch these speakers, although they might probably want to wait for the fuss to die down first before doing so. However if the pundits are right, this recent scandal could be bigger than Facebook anticipated and might not be going away anytime soon.

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