About a week ago, Google began rolling out the Lens feature to Google Photos for Android users. If you were worried that this might be an Android-only feature, fret not because it looks like Google has started to roll out the Lens feature for iOS users as well. The release is done in stages where Google expects it will be available for all users next week.

For those unfamiliar with Google Lens, this is like an extension of Google Search except that it is more about recognizing images. For example Google Lens can be used to recognize business cards which in turn lets users save the phone number and address to their contacts. Users can also use Lens to search for books and get reviews.

It can also be used to identify a landmark or building which might be handy if you’re traveling and you’re trying to learn more about the places around you, especially if you’re unfamiliar with the name. Lens can also detail things like paintings, so if you’re in the museum you’ll be able to learn more about a painting if you’re interested.

To access Lens in Google Photos, users just need to open a photo and tap the square camera icon in the bottom toolbar of an image. It will take about a second or so to analyze and then the results will be shown.

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