Sometimes we take our legs for granted, where any road or path is pretty much accessible as long as we are willing to walk. However this is a completely different story for those who are in wheelchairs, where certain architectural choices might make it difficult for them to access which can be annoying and a time-waster.

However Google wants to do their part and have since announced that they will be rolling out wheelchair accessible routes in Google Maps for transit navigation. According to Google, “To access the ‘wheelchair accessible’ routes, type your desired destination into Google Maps. Tap ‘Directions’ then select the public transportation icon.”


“Then tap ‘Options’ and under the Routes section, you’ll find “wheelchair accessible” as a new route type. When you select this option, Google Maps will show you a list of possible routes that take mobility needs into consideration—for example, whether a transit station has accessible stops, platforms, entrances and exits.”

That being said, this feature won’t be available worldwide just yet. According to Google, it will be initially available in London, Tokyo, Mexico City, Boston, and Sydney, but the company has plans to work with more transit agencies in the future to bring more wheelchair accessible routes to more locations.

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