Last time our phones were only good for messaging, making calls, and playing a game or two, which mean the time we spent on our phones wasn’t as much compared to today. Today we have social media, even more immersive games, a dozen different chat apps, online shopping apps, news apps, and more, which are all distractions.


This is why back in 2015, the Light Phone was launched where it was designed to take us back to simpler times when a phone was just a device to make calls. Now 3 years later, the creators of the Light Phone are back with a sequel, the Light Phone 2 which has launched on crowdfunding platform Indiegogo.

Just like its predecessor, the Light Phone 2 has been launched to pretty much do the same thing, which is keep us distraction free, where some of the phone’s basic functions are to make calls, send/receive messages, and set alarms. Naturally there will be upgrades over its predecessor, such as feature 4G LTE connectivity. Its creators are also claiming it will be more reliable and durable than before.

It is expected to be priced at $250 and will only begin shipping to backers around April 2019. If you think you can wait a year before it gets to you, then head on over to its Indiegogo page to pledge your support.

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