At the rate carriers are planning on rolling out 5G coverage, it probably won’t be too long until 5G starts becoming the new standard that replaces 4G LTE internet on our phones. However the next problem is the availability of 5G smartphones where there aren’t many, if any, options available at the moment.

However for those who don’t mind holding out until the later part of the year, you might be interested to learn that a report out of Korea (via The Android Soul) has indicated that Samsung could be bringing 5G support to the Galaxy Note 9. The report claims that Samsung will turn to the use of HRC antennas instead of using LDS, which is what they have been using.

What this means is that the phones could be equipped to support 5G, although the next question is whether or not the modem that will be included in the phone will support it. Samsung’s interest in 5G is readily apparent as the company just last month demonstrated a prototype 5G tablet.

However according to the rumors, Samsung’s 5G modem for its Exynos chipsets are only expected to arrive in 2019, meaning that there’s a chance we might not see it this year. Either way it’s probably best taken with a grain of salt for now, but if you think you can hold off on buying a new smartphone, maybe you could consider waiting and seeing if the rumors hold true.

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