It has been pointed out before that unlike Apple, Google, or Amazon, Spotify’s business appears to be pretty much solely dependent on music streaming. This means that should labels ever cut ties with the company, they’re pretty much in trouble, whereas the other companies have their other products and hardware to fall back on.

This is why it didn’t come as a surprise to learn that Spotify could be making its own smart speaker and according to a report from TechCrunch, it looks like those rumors could be true as it has been spotted that Spotify is testing an in-app voice assistant feature, which in turn has fueled speculation that a Spotify smart speaker could be in the works.

Spotify has confirmed that they are testing out the feature but stopped short of revealing more details or if there was a deeper meaning behind the test. Given that voice controls are one of the hallmarks of a smart speaker, we’re not surprised that Spotify could be developing their own software if they are indeed planning on making their own hardware.

As it stands Spotify can already be streamed directly from certain speaker systems, but having their own hardware means that they will open up another stream of revenue. It’s probably too early to tell what else a Spotify smart speaker could do, but hopefully this in-app voice assistant means that we’re now one step closer to finding out.

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