If you’re someone who’s really taken their time to explore the various options and settings that their TV has, you know that some TVs come with a “game mode”. This basically helps to reduce the lag when it comes to image processing, which can be important for those who game competitively or who care about that kind of thing.


However switching back and forth between game mode and normal mode can be annoying and tiresome, but the good news is that in an upcoming update to the Xbox One, it seems that Microsoft will automatically switch your TV’s game mode on when you’re using the Xbox One, and turns it off when you’re not.

According to Microsoft, “Auto Low Latency Mode will recognize when a game is being played and automatically switch your TV to a low-latency mode. This will enable you to continue using some of your TVs video processing options while you’re watching a movie or Mixer stream, but be comfortable that any post-processing will automatically be turned off when you switch back over to a game.”

This announcement was made alongside how the Xbox One X and Xbox One S will both support AMD Radeon FreeSync displays. No word on when these updates will be released save for a vague “spring” timeframe.

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