Imagine waking up and having your favorite morning jams play right at that instant, wouldn’t that be an awesome way to start the day? The good news for Amazon Alexa users is that in an update to the digital assistant, Amazon has added music automation as a feature to Alexa’s Routines.


What this means is that users can say a trigger phrase, such as “Alexa, good morning,” and it will trigger a bunch of commands at once, including being able to play a particular song or playlist. For example by saying that phrase, Alexa will be able to adjust the thermostat, turn the lights on/off, start the coffee machine, and start a playlist all at once.

This is similar to Google Home’s Routines which should offer almost similar capabilities. At the moment the music services supported by the feature include Spotify, Pandora, Deeze, TuneIn, and of course Amazon Music. Unfortunately for Apple Music users, no such luck at the moment. Also it seems that this is a feature that many HomePod users have been asking for but has yet to make an appearance on Apple’s own smart speaker.

It is a nifty feature and if you are using an Alexa device like any of the Amazon Echo speakers, then this could be a feature worth checking out.

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