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Many companies have launched their own online TV streaming services over the past couple of years and AT&T is one of them. It launched DirecTV Now back in 2016 but if it feels a bit too expensive for your taste, you will be interested in knowing that the company is now working on another online TV streaming service called AT&T Watch is going to be relatively cheaper as the subscription cost will be $15 per month.

The Wall Street Journal reports that AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson revealed the new service in his comments during the company’s antitrust court hearing concerning its acquisition of Time Warner. He didn’t really reveal a lot of details about this new service, though, so it’s not known how many channels will be offered for $15 per month and what add-ons subscribers might be able to purchase if they wanted to have access to more channels.

While Stephenson didn’t mention which platforms AT&T Watch is going to support, he did add that it won’t have any sports channels in the lineup, which rules out sports fans as possible subscribers.

The success of this service will really depend on the kinds of channels that subscribers will get for the price of $15 per month, unfortunately, AT&T hasn’t revealed any information about that just yet. It’s also yet to confirm precisely when this service is going to be launched.

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