There are talks about how robots will eventually takeover jobs that humans do, and while it might seem like a very distant future for some, there are already some who are feeling it, namely those who work on the production line in which robots have taken over some (if not most) of the production to help speed things up.

However is there something as too much automation? Apparently so, which is what Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk has recently admitted to. In response to an article about how Tesla is facing production issues with the Model 3, Musk replied to a journalist on Twitter admitting that “excessive automation” was a mistake.

Speaking to “CBS This Morning” co-host Gayle King during a tour of the factory, King brought up the topic about how the robots used in production actually slowed the process down. According to Musk, “Yes, they did….We had this crazy, complex network of conveyor belts….And it was not working, so we got rid of that whole thing.”

It is an interesting sentiment considering that Musk has previously stated how he feels that AI is dangerous, donating some of his money to causes to help ensure that AI remains “beneficial” to humans, as opposed to facing a Terminator-like scenario in the future.

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