Just like how developers took some time to eventually start supporting the larger displays and higher resolutions of Apple’s recent iPhones, it seems that there are still some apps that have yet to be updated with support for the iPhone X’s full screen display, such as Google’s Inbox email app.

What’s interesting is that despite Inbox sort of being similar to Gmail save for a different UI, we have to wonder how come Google is taking so long especially when back in December 2017 Gmail itself was updated for the iPhone X. The good news is that Inbox users might not have to wait much longer, according to a tweet by The Wall Street Journal’s David Pierce.

According to Pierce, he says that Google has told him that the update for Inbox for the iPhone X will be coming soon. Apparently Google had something “crazy” planned but the launch of the iPhone X broke it, which is the reason why they had to spend more time trying to fix it and launch it. We’re not sure how many Gmail users are actually using Inbox, but given that Google isn’t rushing the update out sure sounds like Gmail might be a bigger priority. No word on when the update will be released, but we guess we’ll just have to wait for it.

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